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Thoughts in trouble

3:30….3:30am? It’s only 3:30 am and I’m awake unable to go back to sleep. Why? Is it because I know that today is a big day for me? That today decides my fate for later on in life? Or because I know that I didn’t get it but I still want to hold on to that little bit of hope that maybe I got it. I don’t know which one it is all I know for right now is that it’s 3:30 am; and that today will probably be the longest day of my life. 3:31. Great. Who else would be up at this time? On this day? Thinking these things? No one! It had to be me. Maybe if I just roll over and go to bed I can go back to….nope. Well I guess all I can do now is just keep telling myself that everything will be okay even though I know it most likely won’t be. 3:32. It’s gonna be a long day.

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